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Mobile appliances

Mobile appliances


They can be active and functional.
This type of orthodontic therapy is applied in children of age 8-14 or in the period of teeth shift or so called Mixed dentition. With mobile apliance, good therapy plan and great patient-parent cooperation really good results can be made so fixed prosthetic therapy doesn’t even need to be used at all.

Early therapy has unnumbered advantages, fore an anomaly can often be resolved before it developes, avoiding that way longer, more complicated and expensive treatments.
At the growing point skeletal malformations and bite problems are better repaired, the necessity of permanent tooth extraction and surgical procedures are reduced.
Therapy duration depends on the type of tooth and jaw irregularity. In order for the kids to easier accept the therapy and more eagerly take the prosthetics, they can make it exceptional by choosing different combinations of colors and aplications.


A good alternative to other orthodontic appliances is

Inman appliances


Inman is a simple orthodontic appliance comfortable for patient and their choice for moderate anxiety. Adult patients also use it as well as patients with recidive after removal of fixed orthofontic appliance. Inman is adjustable orthodontic appliance that produces a gentle continuous tooth pressure thanks to which in relatively short time (8-16 months) patient can expect correction of poorly positioned teeth. This appliance uses nitinol wires on the inside and acrilate plate on the outside part of the tooth. With a preassure, these components function together pressing and addicting teeth into the wanted position. Such dual impact allows tooth reposition in a very short period of time.