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Conservative dentistry

Conservative dentistry


Modern dentistry involves removing of caries with maximum possible protection of dental tissue and giving teeth their original (morphological) appearance. Fillings are used for filling some smaller damages of dental tissues – enamel and dentin.

Amalgam fillings (grey, silver fillings) are simple and quick solution, but are rarely used in modern dentistry because of its aesthetics.


Composite fillings (white fillings) have a huge aesthetic advantage. Chemical connection between this filling and tooth prevents bacteria penetration, it is hard and chewing force resistant. Modern composite fillings have so called chameleon effect – they take on the color of the surrounding dental tissue, and obtain excellent mechanical and biological characteristics




Due to caries or tooth destruction bacteria have the road to root canal (tooth pulp) and the result is inflammation, sometimes even necrosis that can spread to the surrounding tissue. If that happens, such inflammatory or necrotic tissue should be removed from the root canal in order to prevent the degeneration of surrounding tissue and tooth loss. This treatment is called endodontic treatment (therapy) and it can be performed manually or using machines.

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Manual endodontic treatment consists of analysis of root canal using diverse niddle systems during which we mechanically remove infected tissue and process interior root canal walls. Canal should be thoroughly cleaned, expanded and desinfected.

The machine process is done with endo-motor and apex locator. The motor is programed to automatically stop at the top of the root. This treatment is faster and modernized.

When the canals are processed and cleaned they are filled with paste and gutta-percha points that hermetically seal root canals preventing bacteria to access and cause new infections.

Teeth with removed pulpa (tooth nerve) are brittle and they break more easily under the chewing pressure, so they often need to be strenghten and protected with ceramic crowns.

In some cases endodontic treatment procedure is impossible to perform. Such are teeth with atipical or obturated root canal, big periapical berth ect. Surgical procedure – apicoectomy has to be performed here.